The Zillion Dollar Question

What's it really costing you?

Pondering. Hemming and Hawing. Divided. Overthinking. Considering all points of the equation. Hesitant. Should I stop at the yellow light or step on the gas? I feel so indecisive. What if my decision is wrong? What if it is right? What if I don’t decide at all? What if, what if, what if...

Can you relate?
Ever been stuck there, in the perpetual questioning?
Yeah, me too. For decades.

So, Let’s Simplify Things. No Zillion Dollar Investment Required.

One question. Three words.
Three letter answer. Yay or Nay.
Simple, but your ego will insist it is complicated. And continue to keep you stuck.
But here it is:

Are. you. willing?

Seriously, are you willing? Willing to…

  • Risk changing? (your story, your thinking, your behavior — you know, the stuff that isn’t working!)
  • Venture into the unknown? (be willing to not know how things will turn out — I mean, did you ever?!)
  • Create a breakthrough? (practice co-creative actions that can create new results)
  • Let go of shit that no longer serves you? (you know, tidy up, inside and out — thank you, Marie Kondo.)
  • Empower yourself? (receive and delight in the rewards of owning your own your power)
  • Stop procrastinating? (uh-oh... ummm... maybe? Not sure... ummm...) Yup, I get it. Been there, today. Need we keep repeating it? Maybe.
  • Do it wrong, to completely phuque it up? (delight in your enlightened in learning)
  • To have compassion for yourself when you do? (because you will, but what if it was OK?)
  • To receive? (Are you the giver in most of your relationships? Receiving can be uncomfortable...)
  • To play, laugh and have fun? (To open to your life gifts, appreciate them and give ‘em back)
  • Create something new? Now? Today? (the possibilities are endless, but what about starting in this lifetime?)
  • To unbuild the blocks that block your way?

Now, are you sure?

Hint: The amount of willingness isn’t important. Whether it’s a bushel or a peck, microscopic or mountainous, a droplet or an ocean, a plethora or a particle, or just plain skimpy and wimpy — it really, really doesn’t matter.

Trust me, please trust me. You just need to be willing to risk getting started. So, if the answer is YAY, well, then YAY! Let’s talk. Book your no-obligation conversation here.

And if the answer is NAY, let that be OKAY!

But since you’ve read this far anyway, let’s take a moment and invoke your inner truth sleuth. A few minutes of INVESTigation just might be a great INVESTment of your time.

For this moment, please, stay out of your wallet — and stay in your willingness to be willing to be willing to consider becoming willing to explore. Here are some possible clues to give you more insight:

  • What typically holds you back? (Money? Time? Other People? When X, then Y?)
  • What’s your schtick, your story, your predictable excuses? (What and/or who are you waiting for?)
  • And once that “thing” is resolved — then what will typically renew your unwillingness to welcome in the authentic YOU?

Now, perhaps this predictable cycle of thinking/spinning/sinking is finally just becoming too damn exhausting for you. At least that was my experience.

In retrospect, it was as if I constantly had one foot in two old wooden rowboats — aptly named Vacillation and Vacation. I knew I wanted to go somewhere, do something, but didn’t know what, where, when, why — or how. Gradually I began to notice how each boat seemed to be drifting in opposite directions. Before I could get back to the familiar safety of the same old dock (or choosing to just jump out and duck under the tidal waves) first, the panic, now the pain of the splits, then plunging into the cold water, hitting my head on the rocks and quietly drowning. Oh shit... glub, glub... what an embarrassing way to go... At least at my celebration of life people would say, "Oh, poor thing, such an unfortunate victim of such unfortunate circumstance..." (I love a dramatic visual, don’t you?) Make up your own. Have some fun with it.

Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith. Get in one of the damn boats. Just choose one, and see where it takes you. Yes, you will hit some rocks. Yes, you will have to row a bit and build some muscles. And yes, you will learn to work with the tides. AND, where might you land? Let’s talk about all that, too! Consider choosing right now, today, to be the Conscious Captain of your rowboat.